20 бэков PR 8 и PR 9 в одной упаковке

Кто не знает Angela V. Edwards с ее знаменитыми паками бэков с высоко авторитетных сайтов. В этот раз Анжела собрала пак на 18 бэков из сайтов с ПР8 и 2 сайта с ПР9.

Вот что она пишет:

That’s right!! 20 8 and above High Quality Backlinks to propel your site to the TOP of Google.

Kick the Panda to the curb, send the Penguin back to the South Pole.

Get the High Quality, Authority Backlinks that Google loves!! And yes, these backlinks still work beautifully. I created a brand new website for a client that was purchased, set up, and optimized (partially with these very links) AFTER both the Panda and the Penguin updates and that website is sitting at Number One in Google right now for a HUGE «Money Keyword». It’s also on Page One for another related «Money Keyword». These keywords are worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

All these Backlinks are Do Follow.

A packet of 20 Page Rank 8 and Page Rank 9 Do Follow Backlinks with step-by-step screenshots showing you exactly how to place the backlinks.

Here is the Line-Up of Page Rank in this packet:

1. Page Rank 9
2. Page Rank 9
3. Page Rank 8
4. Page Rank 8
5. Page Rank 8
6. Page Rank 8
7. Page Rank 8
8. Page Rank 8
9. Page Rank 8
10.Page Rank 8
11.Page Rank 8
12.Page Rank 8
13.Page Rank 8
14.Page Rank 8
15.Page Rank 8
16.Page Rank 8
17.Page Rank 8
18.Page Rank 8
19.Page Rank 8
20.Page Rank 8

Скачать можно здесь (всего-то 9 баксов все удовольствие)

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